Association’s history

The sporting association was created in 1996 by true tennis fans.
The association first operated at T.C. Bettini in the historical centre of Brescia, later moving to Cover Tennis where it developed its institutional activity (tennis for beginners, pre-agonistic and agonistic training reserved to its members).
In the same year, 1996, an international, by-invitation tennis event was set up: the LAMPO CUP. This competition was reserved to 14 year old athletes.


After having established contacts with the Moroccan Federation which took part in the 2000 edition of the Lampo Cup, the tennis coach Gianni Capacchietti was called to organize four stages in Casablanca (two at Le Coc, Club Olimpique Casablancais) and two at Acsa. This proved highly successful from both the technical point of view and participation.
For 28 days, the best under 12, 14, 16, 18, years-old athletes, had the possibility to train following different methodology that used in Morocco.
It was in this period, given the success of his work, that Gianni Capacchietti was nicknamed ” The Italian“.

Roudami Mohcine (best ranking in Italy 2.2) was assisted by the Kappa Tennis School (who hosted him in Brescia for a year) in his career participating twice in the Orange Ball (Miami). Filali Kamil was another Moroccan athlete who trained in Brescia for many months. Both of these players, coached by Gianni Capacchietti, took part in ITF tournaments in Mohammedia, Casablanca, Tunis and Malta.

In 2002 the Kappa Tennis School sporting association trained Victor Anagnastopol (for six months) winner of the Eastern European under 14 championship in Skopje. Anagnastopol was classified 22nd in the Tennis Europe ranking and 8th in the ITF under 18 ranking.

Gianluca Marchiori, trained for 3 years by the association’s coaches, was classified 52nd in the Tennis Europe ranking.

In 2004 and 2005, five of the association’s athletes played in Portugal (Maia under 14).

In 2006, four players took part in two important under 12 events in Madeira and the Azores (Punta Delgada).


The association’s enterprising spirit led to creation of the NATION CUP/ LAMPO TROPHY, an international tennis event reserved to under 12 national teams.
Following a by-invitation tournament held in Franciacorta in 2001 (with the participation of Great Britain, Russia, Croatia and Italy), at the end of May 2002, the first edition took place. This event was inserted into the Tennis Europe official calendar and enjoyed great success, 18 nations participated in this event, making it a world record breaker. In his official report (ing. Wesseling) official observer of Tennis Europe was extremely positive concerning this event.

For 4 years the association collaborated with Brescia City Council to organize tennis training for beginners.

With its members, numerous events have been set up in France (2002, 2010) Andorra (2003), Innsbruck (2004), Maia In Portugal (2006).


For some years now, the association has had very close collaboration with Tennis Rodengo.

The Kappa Tennis School can offer support to tennis institutions. By means of its coaches, the association is in the position to offer personalized training for players under 12, 14, 16 and 18.

The contact and relations created with many tennis federations by Gianni Capacchietti enable Italian athletes to obtain wild card in European competitions  (to remember the famous wild card for the 2002 under 18 Wimbledon Championship).